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Hi I'm Andrew and I really think this page kicks ass so if you don't like it you can go to hell you bastard. Anyways assuming that you like my page I have a whole bunch of things you can do here like we have the joke of the week some codes for games really cool people really stupid people and other really cool things. To start you off here is the joke of the week " Your mom is like Sprint Canada" 15 cents a minuite any day any time in Canada.



I would like to say that you are a really cool person if you like this page and I hope that you live a great life.

Now it is time for the greatest thing in the world which is to play the soccer trivia game. The way you play is i'll ask a question and you will give me an answer either 1. or 2. If you get it right give yourself a point.

Ready. Who can touch the ball with their hands during gameplay in soccer. 1. Goalie 2. Defense If you guessed defense you're right give yourself a point and guess what you just won the game because that is all of the questions for today